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Developed by science delivered by nature.

HAV of Copenhagen is a Danish company specializing in the production of high-quality marine collagen dietary supplements. In this project, a landing page was designed for their product, HAV marine collagen, as part of a fake door testing phase to gauge market interest.


Brand Design 

Web Design

UI Design

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HAV of Copenhagen is a Danish company that produces high-quality marine collagen dietary supplements. Inspired by the natural beauty and abundant marine life of the North Sea and North Atlantic, the brand aims to create a product that not only provides essential vitamins and minerals but also embodies the spirit of the ocean. With a focus on sustainability, HAV of Copenhagen outsourced production to one of Europe's leading producers of fish oil and food supplements, renowned for their expertise and use of sustainable fishing practices. The brand's goal was to create a product that provides essential vitamins and minerals, while also having a desirable taste. To achieve this, HAV marine collagen contains a carefully selected blend of ingredients such as Acerola, rose hip powder, hyaluronic acid, biotin, and vitamin C. 

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At the start of this project, I was given very modest brand guidelines to work with, so I had to be creative and expand the brand a bit for the landing page creation. Only in the starting phases of putting their product on the market, HAV of Copenhagen commissioned a landing page to be created as a crucial part of their fake door testing phase. The purpose of this testing was to gauge market interest in the product.


While designing this landing page, I focused on creating a user-friendly experience, with a simple and elegant aesthetic inspired by Scandinavian design principles. Sea-inspired imagery and asymmetrical layouts were used to expand the brand's visual identity, along with custom-made icons. Also, a major focus was accessibility across all devices, so I ensured the landing page is both mobile and desktop friendly. Page was created in its entirety using Adobe XD and Landingi. 

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HAV of Copenhagen Landing Page Design.jpg


The landing page design was the first step in the development of HAV of Copenhagen's full website and set the tone for the rest of the brand's digital presence. Already in the first week of launch, results showed that the activity on the landing page was way above what was anticipated. This confirmed to the client that the product was well-received by the target audience. Thus, almost immediately after the landing page launch, the client decided to proceed with full website development.


This page communicated the offering of the product in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way while emphasizing the brand's North Atlantic origins. The result was a mobile and desktop-friendly landing page that truly captured the essence of HAV of Copenhagen brand and helped to launch its successful journey in the market.

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