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Drip, drip, drip

Rains, a leading Danish outerwear lifestyle brand, decided to leverage the power of Facebook's Instant Experience platform to promote its SS22 collection. They commissioned two full-screen, mobile-first experiences that were meant to captivate and engage viewers, all while delivering a strong brand message and showcasing their new products.


UI Design

Social Media Design


Rains is a Danish outerwear lifestyle brand known for its innovative approach to design and functionality. With a strong urban inspiration and a signature fabric identity, Rains has carved out a niche for itself in the fashion world. All of their collections, including SS22, showcase a neo-Scandinavian aesthetic, unisex designs, and a consistent curation of products that surprise and set trends worldwide. 

Fashion Brand Mobile Digital Experience.jpg


Instant Experience (IE) is a full-screen mobile experience designed to capture the attention of an audience and deliver a compelling brand message. IEs offer an opportunity for businesses to visually showcase their products or services and tell a story about their brand. With the ability to expand to full-screen, instant load times, and compatibility with various ad formats, IEs provide an engaging and immersive experience for viewers.

You can read more about Instant Experience here.

Rains decided to commission two IE's for their SS22 collection to effectively promote their brand and new drop to a large, mobile-first audience. One IE was focused on brand building, while another one presented new products. To create an immersive, smooth experience, I utilized a combination of creative elements, descriptive text, buttons, links, and videos. 


The outcome were two successful, full-screen Instant Experiences designed to promote Rains and their new SS2022 collection. The goal was to effectively communicate the essence of Rains and create an engaging experience for viewers. The campaign was able to do so through the use of visually appealing graphics, seamless transitions, and well-thought-out content. By using the Instant Experience feature, mobile dominance was utilized to its maximum potential, helping Rains to solidify its position as a top player in the outerwear lifestyle industry.

Fashion Brand Mobile Digital Experience
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