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More self-love, more self-education.

Violence, What About It? is an upcoming blog & community that provides women with information and resources to help them navigate difficult situations related to domestic violence and self-love. This blog combines motivational and legal approach, in an attempt to help its audience feel empowered, but also take action. This project involved the development of brand strategy, identity and collateral.

Website coming soon. 


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity


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Violence, What About It? is a platform for discussing topics of self-love, women's rights, and domestic violence. A paralegal with a long history of activism concerning women's rights, the founder felt this kind of community was needed for a long time. The unique combination of legal and psychological resources creates a safe, motivational, and positive space for the readers. Along with professional advice, readers can also share their experiences and connect through them. This way, Violence, What About It? aims to inspire a change from within and be a supportive, empathetic friend in this sensitive area of life. 

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Violence, What About It


The development of the brand identity for Violence, What About It? was a holistic process. To create a unique and memorable brand, I started by designing a logo that would capture the essence of the founder's mission. I carefully selected a color palette that would evoke a feeling of optimism and positivity, using shades of pink and red to show both the strength and gentleness of women.

In addition to the visual elements, I also created custom-made icons that would be used on the website and in other digital spaces. To further enhance the brand, I created animated digital assets that would bring the brand to life in a dynamic way. For promotion purposes, a variety of print collateral was also designed, including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and a billboard.

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The results of the branding process exceeded the founder's expectations. She stated that the brand identity perfectly captured the sensibility and values she wants to showcase. Also, branding has been extremely well received by a small sample of the target audience and the founder's network. Most importantly, it has bey a key factor in attracting new partnerships and collaborations.

Digital assets that were created are currently used for website building, as the website will be an extension of existing brand elements. Print collateral is succeeding in attracting public attention and carving out a place for the brand in people's minds. Also, media attention around this project has increased tremendously as this incredible cause got a memorable and suitable identity. 

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Starting a community has been a long-time dream of mine, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to work with such a dedicated designer. Communication was perfect, and this brand identity turned out to be everything I was hoping for. I'm certain it will be as close to my audience as it is to me, and help me further establish an emotional connection with them.




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